Leaking Soft Coolers

Replacable Cooler Liner

For many years “soft coolers” have been known for not being durable and leaking! Unfortunately, this reputation has been well earned by even some of the biggest names in the cooler business. The problem is once most soft coolers begin to leak there is nothing that can be done about it.

At Dorsal Brand we decided to fix this issue. We started by designing our coolers around waterproof liner made durable rip-stop material. The seams are made using a sonic welding process which fuses the material together. This virtually eliminates leaks. But even with the best design, occasionally issues can happen. For that reason we implemented a REPLACABLE LINER!!! That’s right. If for ANY reason your Dorsal cooler leaks just let us know and we will send out a replacement liner asap. It will only take you about two minutes to remove the old and and install the new one. Then you’re back in business!

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